& Client References


& Client References


Here are a few kind words for your reading pleasure…


Keron Lenz has been an amazing asset to our company.  Her knowledge of compliance issues including licensing, excise tax, individual state requirements, COLA’s and contacts is professional and efficient.

Keron is easy to work with, and helps with any concerns or questions in a friendly and timely manner.  We have used her for many years, and recommend her highly.

Roger Louer, Owner

Triumph Cellars Wine


I can’t thank Keron enough for all her professionalism and help with getting my company compliant in the maze of the wine industry.  I consider her one of the most important members of my team and a delight to work with for over 5 years.  Her attention to detail and communication are excellent, and it has saved me so many hours of my time having her handle all my state licenses, brand registrations, COLAS, etc.   I highly recommend her if you are in the wine & spirits industry and need help with compliance.

Michael Hutchinson, Owner



Dear friends –   This isn’t just another testimonial on autopilot.  Frankly most of the time I am too busy to write them, and most of the time I get asked, I need to employ the Bambi technique.  But no amount of desk work would stop me from telling anyone who would listen how awesome Keron Lenz is.  Here’s the deal: Our company brings in a ton of new imports every year as part of the business model.  Introducing new wines that have never set foot in the US wine market means we almost never get the same wine twice.  Without Keron, the process of shepherding hundreds of wines through the bureaucratic mess that is the TTB would be a dizzying, confusion, time-sucking, and depressing experience.  The amount of money, time, and energy she saves us is well worth the price of admission aboard the Lenz Train.  Oh, and one more thing… Often the communications for compliance involves time-zone changes, confused and/or annoyed European wineries, and last-minute rushes to meet deadlines.  Keron takes it all in stride and keeps on rolling.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to every single person on this planet in need of a wine compliance wizard.

Martin Reyes, Senior Buyer

Global Wine Company, Inc.


For over 6 years my businesses have employed KL Compliance to navigate our brands through the confusing, outdated, and often frustrating landscape of state liquor laws.  Keron’s guidance has been superb.  She is a true professional and an outstanding resource.  Her work is always accurate and timely.  My businesses have benefited greatly from our relationship with KL Compliance.

Stephen Rodenbeck, CEO

Agave Street LLC

4th Street LLC


I was introduced to Keron Lenz a number of years ago as we were expanding our brand into the national market. I was, and continue to be, impressed with her promptness and efficiency.  On occasions with tight timelines, she is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure our state approvals.  She is professional, highly knowledgeable, detailed and allows me to conduct my business with 100% confidence in our compliance.  I highly recommend KL Compliance to anyone in the beverage industry.

Meriann Roberts

Vinum Importing & Distributing



I have had the great pleasure of working with many alcoholic beverage producers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers, and here is a list of just a few….

Vine Connections

The Henry Wine Group

Traditional Wine Innovations

Tatoosh Distillery

Partners Wine Marketing Group

BuzzBox Beverages

Punk Dog Wines

Signorello Estate

Edge Wines

Trim Wines

Bennett Valley Cellars

Emmalily Vineyards

Ernest Vineyards

Giving Vines

Roberts + Rogers Vineyards

Vinum Importing and Distributing